InvisaFil Mini Packs by WonderFil B007 - 6 spools

InvisaFil Mini Packs by WonderFil B007 - 6 spools


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Our ultra-fine 100wt InvisaFil™ thread is now available in mini-sized spools! Each InvisaFil™ Mini Pack contains a selection of six 400m spools with 10 color sets available for you to choose from. These Mini Packs are the perfect choice for anyone who needs a variety of colors without the need to purchase larger spools, or a great way for those who want to sample InvisaFil™ for the first time! Five InvisaFil™ Mini Pack color sets contain color selections inspired by Vikki Pignatelli, teacher and quilter enthusiast.

• Rust – 721
• Daffodil Yellow – 701
• Chartreuse – 702
• Tangerine – 703
• Fuchsia – 704
• Bright Turquoise – 716

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