Toilet Roll Pumpkins

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You’ve probably seen a toilet roll pumpkin before. It’s been around for-evah! While we did not originate the idea, we did think thought why reinvent the roll?

The beauty of this craft idea is that it is so simple to make! All you need is toilet rolls, fat quarters, and a stick! Actually the stick can be optional.
The genius of making these will be found in your fabric stash. Any fall colored fabric can be used: solid or printed quilting cottons, batiks, lawn cottons, gingham prints, linen cotton blends, jersey, plaid prints, merino wool, muslin, and so much more.

To make simply take your fat quarter, or piece of precut fabric that is approximately 18” x 22”, and lay it flat with the wrong side up. Place a toilet roll in the center with the holes facing up. Grab one corner and tuck in the opening of the toilet roll. Grab the opposite side’s corner and tuck in the hole of the toilet roll. Continue to grab and tuck until the roll is wrapped in fabric.

The finishing touch could be your stick (any 3-4 inch stick that you find!) or you can roll up another fat quarter into a tube shape and insert into the center. If you are feeling like embellishing the pumpkin even more, then add some gorgeous ribbon to your stick (real or fabric version).  Even fancier still, use a cinnamon stick for some lovely aromatic flourish.
Ready to make your own toilet roll pumpkin? We’d love to see them. If you post on social media, tag us. Have fun!

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