DIY Maker’s Stocking

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Let's start with a patchwork stocking. It's a project you can make in an afternoon. Really! Grab your favorite fat quarter, some batting, and a stocking pattern to get started.

For the stocking pattern, we have this one to share from Ruby Star Society. Print the pages, connect the dots, tape together, and then cut out one shape.

Patchwork Stocking

Once you have your stocking pattern, it’s time to cut some fabric. The tip of the day is to make sure you are creating mirror images of your stocking sides. In other words, flip that boot over after cutting out the back side.

Patchwork Stocking StitchCraft    Patchwork Stocking StitchCraft

You can keep it simple and cut the backside from one piece of fabric. For the frontside, it’s patchwork time. Simply cut various sizes of different pieces of fabric from your fat quarter bundle. Sew together enough pieces to cover the shape of the template.

Patchwork Stocking StitchCraft    Patchwork Stocking StitchCraft

After you cut out both stocking pieces, it’s time to quilt them. Place batting to wrong side of each and quilt whichever way you like. Trim again before putting right sides together to sew together.

Need a Tutorial

If you’d like specific instructions and measurements, we’d like to also share this great tutorial found on the blog of Diary of a Quilter by Amy Smart. If you’re feeling adventurous, take a peek at these 30 DIY Stockings.  

Fabric Fun

Fabric choices are whatever pleases you. We used some fine selections from French General (and we have a fat quarter bundle at the shop!).

Patchwork Stocking StitchCraft

Make yours tropical, traditional, camouflage, batik, solids, or sloths. It will be cute no matter the selection.

Crazy Wool Stocking

Another great option is this wool stocking kit.

The coziness of wool is a wonderful complement to the wintry season. We have this kit or the pattern for this project as well.

Have you ever made a stocking? Tell us in the comments.

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