Top 3 Tips for Beginner Knitters

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Have you eyed all the pretty yarn that comes in an array of fabulous colors? From solids to variegated and self-striping, there is so much beautiful fiber in our shop! Ready to try and learn how to knit? Here are a few tips:

Pick your favorite colors

You will be working (and working!) with this yarn at first. Let your labor of love be something your actually like color-wise, not just the cheapest. You will look forward to finishing your scarf, socks, beanie, etc., if you can see yourself wearing it.

Read up on all the yarn information

There is a ton of great information found on the wrapper around your yarn (skein, ball, hank, etc.) that you will likely need to know. Things like the size needle to use, what the yarn is made from, how much yarn you have for your pattern, the dye lot (for color matching).

Take your time

It’s meant to be a joyful exercise! Don’t rush or force yourself, work at a pace that fits you, so it won’t become a chore. And know it won’t be perfect. Why would it be? You are not a machine and things made by a human hand carry their character. It’s why they are special and it’s all part of the process.

Take it one stitch at a time. And if something goes wrong, just undo and try again! Or reclaim the yarn for a future project.

Take a class

Lastly, we have a very nice discount to offer you if you take online classes with Pam Grushkin. There are several to choose from and definitely one for beginners. Read all about them in this post (and don’t forget the discount code!).

Here's a variety of different yarn to try:


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