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We love our customers! We know you will as well. Let's meet one of them now.

Melissa Hattaway StitchCraft

Meet Melissa Hattaway!

Find her on Instagram: @allgrownupmh

What is your craft of choice? Quilting

How long have you been doing this? Sewing – 30 years – Quilting – 4 years

What inspired you to start? My kids grew up and no longer needed me to take them to all of their practices and after school activities. I found myself bored in the evenings and have always loved sewing, fabric and color, so I started quilting as my hobby.

Do you work with your own designs or enjoy patterns? Mainly patterns – I get a lot of inspiration from Instagram posts and that keeps me buying patterns and participating in quilt a longs.

Melissa Hattaway Thrive Quilt Suzy Quilts StitchCraft

One of Melissa's recent projects is this colorful Thrive quilt designed by Suzy Quilts

What is your favorite notion? Besides a rotary cutter and rulers which I consider essential, I am in love with a Hera Marker. I do all of my own quilting on my sewing machine, so it really helps me keep a straight line. 

What is your favorite (fabric or yarn)? Definitely fabric.

Do you enjoy music, audiobooks, or movies in the background while you craft? I usually listen to Amazon music while I sew, and it gives me a lot of time to think, reflect and plan. 

Finish this sentence: #ImSewStitchCraft because I am obsessed with color and love their bright fabrics!



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  • That was fun! Looking forward to more of these fun interviews!

    Debbie on
  • Melissa your quilts are so fun❣️
    So glad you joined SFMQG 🧵

    Charlotte Noll on
  • An incredibly cheery quilt

    Nancy on
  • Yay Melissa! I always enjoy seeing what you’re doing on your IG posts :-)

    Sherry on
  • Hi Melissa :)

    Gary on

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