Customer Profile: Kelly Wilkinson

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We love our customers! We know you will as well. Let's meet one of them now.

 Kelly Wilkinson Customer Profile StitchCraft

Meet Kelly Wilkinson 

You may recognize her as a StitchCraft Staffer--and she is! We noticed some of our best customers are our staff and why not take a moment to get to know them better? You can also follow her on IG @dinosewr

What is your craft of choice? Garment sewing, crochet, knitting, spinning, and weaving. All the fiber arts. 

Kelly Wilkinson Customer Profile StitchCraft

How long have you been doing this? For 11 years.

What inspired you to start? High school plays, I wanted to be involved but didn’t like the attention of the stage.  I enjoyed sewing already and found a place to apply it.

Kelly Wilkinson Customer Profile StitchCraft

Do you work with your own designs or enjoy patterns? I make my own patterns for sewing and crochet.

Kelly Wilkinson Customer Profile StitchCraft

What is your favorite notion? A good pair of snips.

What is your favorite brand yarn? Malabrigo Yarn

Do you enjoy music, audiobooks, or movies in the background while you craft? Yes, music.

Finish this sentence: #ImSewStitchCraft because I love all the fiber arts!

Kelly Wilkinson Customer Profile StitchCraft

 Have you ever sewn your own garments? Tell us in the comments below! 


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  • Kelly’s talents are amazing and inspiring!

    Diana on
  • Kelly, you are so talented!!! I loved the pics of your work.

    Dre Lewis on

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