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We love our customers! We know you will as well. Let's meet one of them now.

Diana Evans StitchCraft 

Meet Diana Evans 

You may recognize her as a StitchCraft Staffer--and she is! We noticed some of our best customers are our staff and why not take a moment to get to know them better? You can also follow her on IG @diana_quilts 

Diana Evans customer profile StitchCraft

What is your craft of choiceQuilting, for sure, from start to finish.

How long have you been doing this? Since 2009

What inspired you to start? My quilt mentor, Judy Yale. She pieced and quilted by hand, and her quilts are gorgeous. She was traditional all the way, and I was fascinated by how she would take a pile of seemingly random fabrics and create beautiful scrappy quilts. 

Diana Evans customer profile StitchCraft

Do you work with your own designs or enjoy patternsWell…I invariably mess up somewhere in the pattern, so I often have “design choices”.  I have also made numerous quilts from my own designs.

What is your favorite notion? A rotary cutter with a new blade can’t be beat.  And a quality pair of suture snips are an absolute must for longarm quilting, as “unsewing” is a thing. 

What is your favorite brand of fabric? No way could I name a favorite brand, or even a designer.  I adore batiks (the unicorns of the fabric world), and fabrics with lots of color.  Conversely, if brown fell out of my crayon box, I probably wouldn’t miss it. 

Diana Evans customer profile StitchCraft

Do you enjoy music, audiobooks, or movies in the background while you craftDepends on my mood.  There are plenty of days where silence is golden.  That said, I pieced my way through several different shows with plenty of episodes to keep me entertained while I stitched away.

Finish this sentence: #I'm so Stitchcraft because I love, love, love helping people put together fabrics for projects. It’s like I’m shopping without bruising my credit card.  😊  I also love love love fabric. I find that I get fabric envy way too often when I see someone buy something and end up getting some for myself. I have a lot of fabric. A lot. Lots. Tons. A pile. A huge amount. Storage totes full. I don’t even know what I have anymore. Nuff said?

Diana Evans customer profile StitchCraft

Diana made this "organizer thing" for Johanna. Have you spied it or the yellow and gray 'Weave it to Me' quilt in the store? Tell us in the comments! 


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