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Posted by Johanna Fox on

Let me rip the band aid off at the beginning and announce that I will not be renewing my lease this summer.

After a long contemplation and review of all that has occurred in my life and the world at large in the last few years, it is a decision that has been made and not lightly. It should come as no surprise that the challenges that so many small businesses faced have been daunting. StitchCraft, as a brick-and-mortar shop, missed two ‘seasons’ because of Covid. Subsequently several staff members moved out of town and our web host closed their doors. While we rallied and even came out with a better website, it was arduous to bounce back. World events have made it difficult for everyone with increased costs of goods, delayed production and shipments, costly transportation, shipping costs - and more.

On a personal level, many of you know that this year has brought major illness diagnoses to both of my parents. You can all relate when I say, ‘family first’.

It is my plan to maintain a creative business in some form, whether online, a studio or maker space – who knows?! What will cease will be a consistent brick-and-mortar practice where I am needed to be open on a regular schedule. Regular hours will continue through Memorial Day weekend in May. Summer is to be determined. And yes, there will be sales. Lots of sales 

Should you – or someone you know – be interested in continuing StitchCraft as a new owner please call me.

Let’s celebrate all that we have created and all that will continue. It’s an amazing place, amazing community, and center of the best energy!

Stay tuned for plans and sales. Be patient with everyone and all that we are tasked with and know that with recent staff changes and shop hours may find some irregularities.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Love and creativity,



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  • I am heartbroken to read this, it was a happy place to go for me! I will definitely visit the online store for as long as it is up! Will deepen my stash:) xoxo

    Brenda Tatem on
  • I am so sorry to read of your closing. visiting your store was always a highlight as you always had such a wonderful selection of fabrics and other things.

    Teresa on
  • Hi Johanna!
    I always very much enjoyed visiting and shopping at Stitch Craft Boca! So very sorry to hear that you are closing your shop but wish you and your family all the best in the future!

    Jean Jankovich on
  • We will deeply miss your beautiful store and your warm, friendly staff. No matter how frequently or new I was to quilting, I felt like I was part of a wonderful family community. Beyond my sadness, I totally understand how difficult this decision was and commend you for your difficult choice. Being with family, making memories, and being able to help them whenever you are needed is very special. Wishing you the best. 💕

    Karen Firth on
  • I understand your decision and wish you and your family well. Your store is wonderful and I will look forward to seeing whatever is next for you – and us!

    Carol Gross on

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