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Posted by Johanna Fox on

I have been thinking about adding a blog of my own to the already awesome content that has been added to the StitchCraft website in the last few months.  I want it to be more personal and less shop-related.  There is certainly enough going on in my creative brain beyond business to fill some pages!  I have enjoyed letting people in to my home studio during our live videos.  It's fun to share the creative things that I surround myself with and hopefully creative connections with more like-minded people (like you!)

The blog title came to mind when I think of all of the projects in progress that I have and how I store them (bins and bags!). So many of us travel around to and from classes, shops, trips, etc.. with multiple tote bags filled with STUFF!  Am I right?  I am also an accessories junkie, having more bags (and costume jewelry) than I care to admit.  It was also the first things I started to sew when I got a machine.  

Today I share my book bag.  My personal box opening this afternoon presented me with Yarn Thread String, the latest in a series of creative books published by Uppercase (an amazing art magazine that is eye candy and a great read)  and Janine Vangool. I pre-ordered it as a Valentine's Day gift to myself and can't wait to sit down and dive in. 

As the name suggests, it features stories and photos of all things yarn, thread, and string, including shops, artists, makers, designers, and more. The subtitle says 'Up Close with Fibre' and that is what I plan on doing after I make a cup of chamomile tea and put on my sweats. Do you have a favorite art or craft book that you recommend and do you enjoy stories or projects or a bit of both?   

Make time to make something!


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  • Love this idea! I look forward to following your crafty adventures!!

    Cheri G on
  • I think it is great, you are a very talented person . Just to make you laugh this is the first blog I have read.

    Anna May Kinser on
  • So happy you decided to start this blog. I look forward to all you will share!

    Melany Armand on
  • Love this! I, too, am a lover all types of bags, have bags of bags, and my next project for myself is going to be a project bag (as soon as I can get myself into StitchCraft to buy the pattern)! I enjoy your home studio videos, too, watching them later in the evening when the house is quiet and I won’t be interrupted. See you soon!

    Kathy Roslasky on

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