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I call myself a fiber artist and fill my time creating with all types of fiber.

My finishes of late have been a secret quilt, large tote bag, and knit sweater. I am currently knitting a bracelet, weaving in ends to make a woven cross body bag, and about to start a foundation pieced wall hanging.

I have recently been itching to get my hands dirty with some mixed media paper projects. A timely email from iHanna, who hosts a twice-yearly international postcard swap, was the perfect nudge! 

I have participated in the postcard swap a few times in years past. I created 10 postcards that we mailed all over the world and in turn my mailbox was filled with small pieces of art. Joy. 

Many of you are probably thinking that I am crazy to start yet another creative project. Please know, however, that PAPER IS FIBER!  I am still in my fiber art zone!!


When creating postcards, I like to work in stages, as I add layer upon layer to achieve the look I like. I gather my art supplies before starting so I don’t have to go rifling through drawers and bins (of course when I get an idea, I end up doing that anyway!).

I decided to create my postcards on 9”x12” mixed media paper, as I will get four cards to a sheet. (My postcards will finish at 4”x6”). 

I covered my work table and happily brought out my Gelli Plate, brayer, and an assortment of acrylic craft paint and stencils. 


I made lots of layered prints using my chosen palette, a little extra mark making with found objects then let them dry.

My second layer was writing. I like to write wishes and good thoughts on my artwork with markers and pens. Even though they get cut up, the energy and thoughts are still there.   

Layer three was a bit of ink and stamps to add pops of color and visual texture. When dry the pages were cut into 4”x6” postcards ready for embellishment. I used a perfect sized Creative Grids ruler and a rotary cutter (hint:  I use older rotary blades in my cutter to cut paper.  I find that a dull or nicked blade that might cause fabric to fray works just fine with paper - and you get a nice straight cut!!)

So far I have added a bit of washi tape.  I will add some ephemera – stamps and paper bits – and do a bit of sewing at the end. 

Mid April will be when I receive my swap partners and will mail my art off to brighten some mail boxes. I’ll post my finished cards and the cards I receive. 


**Please know that we have included links for some supplies from outside sources. We may receive a small commission from purchases made from these links.  

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  • Beautiful work!
    Thanks for the tip about dull rotary cutter blades. I will start saving them for my paper crafts!

    Sydney on

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