It All Started with Bags

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I had an idea to create tote bags out old t-shirts for a PTA fundraiser when my kids were in school.  A luncheon with a recycling theme gave me inspiration to make table centerpieces with herb plants in these t-shirt bags.  I reconnected with my middle school sewing skills and was successful in my endeavor.  I haven't put my sewing supplies away yet and have continued to make bags. 

Most recently I have been making project bags (small totes suitable for carrying around my projects) and planning a cross body bag out of a weaving .  I love the rich texture of the woven fiber and didn't find fabric or yarn straps suitable, nor could I find a leather handle that I liked.  So, like a good crafter, I ventured into Tandy Leather for supplies to make my own.   Above is my first project with hand made leather handles (and adorable Corgi fabric!). I am so pleased with the outcome!   Next up is the woven bag!

Inspired by this recent blog post I sat down and made this adorable mug rug!! I crocheted it with a sample of new Lang yarn that we have coming into the shop.  I may make a bigger one as a plant rug.   This is a quick, beginner-friendly crochet project and super cute to boot!

Have you every worked with leather ?  Tell us some of the interesting materials you have worked with in the comments.  


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