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I make no apologies for trying new creative things. I am proud of it. I own it. I don't feel pressured to finished one thing before I start another - it is all about the learning and doing and that creative satisfaction feeling. (Do you get that feeling?)

Earlier this week I took one of the spinning wheels home to practice creating yarn from roving. It is quite a learning curve and very much a practice-practice-practice thing. I needed that practice and I chose that wheel over warping the loom to weave more fabric.  I set the Ashford Kiwi 3 in front of a sturdy chair, took some pretty plum roving and spun away. There is a groove one must get into in order to spin uniform size yarn. I could see section of my new 'yarn' looking better after some time. With practice I will improve. And THEN I will throw all rules out and spin art yarn!!

I have consulted with some weavers on how to finish the blurple colored piece that I created and want to sew into a cross body bag. Trying to figure out the strap material and where to place it. When it is done the bag will be so pretty and fun!

I have had my eye on the Boho Embroidery book by Nichole Vogelsinger for quite awhile. The fun, colorful, textural designs in the book look fun and make me smile, not to mention make me want to take out my needles and floss. 

Since I am seeing all kinds of fun art and decor online lately (maximalism is in!) I thought it fun to grab a hoop, needle and fabric with interesting designs and dive in.  

I chose a piece of Summer Breeze by Alexander Henry to embellish.  I hooped it up with a piece of white muslin on the back to stabilize and brought out my collection of embroidery floss and perle cottons.  (Mix and match - yes you can!) There were a lot of motifs to choose to highlight and I focuses on ice cream and watermelon. I did some of the ice cream yesterday, using stitches from memory and placing them intuitively. Why not?! Here is a closer look.

Not finished - there is more stitching, couching and perhaps a few beads to add. (Karen Kay Buckley best-scissors) at the ready in case I goof). If you have done some free form stitching like this (or spinning) tell us about it in the comments or share a photo! Another portable project for the summer!

Thanks for stopping by!! Tell me what you are working on in the comments. 



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