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This disappearance i

Tuesday, July 15, 2014 2:45:43 PM
This disappearance is very intuigring and makes the mind and soul wonder what truly has happened to them. With the fact that summer appears to Mexican and they lived so close to Mexico and are in the heart of drug smuggling territory I have a belief that Mr mcstay might have been using his business to either smuggle drugs or drug money and that Summer might have introduced or accelerated his involvement. When I watched the TV special a friend claimed she was on the phone late at night and someone had knocked on her door and that Mr mcstay answered the door but nothing else came of it. That to me could'vebeen suspicious.I theorize that they left so fast to not be found. That they had an immediate threat and didn't want the rest of their family to get caught up. If they were involved in the drug trade they would have plenty of cash and wouldn't need to use their accounts. They also could obtain new identities very easily being in that business. Another thing I'm throwing out there is that he might have found a large amount of drugs or cash in one of his fountains that was being shipped over the course of business and had drug dealers after him for it. They might also have left this way since the only way to get put of the drug business especially dealing with the cartels is to die or fall off the face of earth. I think they planned to leave and planned to make it look like there wasn't any planning at all and calculated their moves to not be found by anybody. Because if they were running from drug dealers they knew that they would have to disappear and not give them anything to track them. I don't believe their final destination was Mexico. In fact I'm thinking they may have planned to cross the border to give the impression that they were going to Mexico then from Mexico fled to another country. If summer was learning Spanish they could go to Spain instead or possibly some other country with a large Spanish speaking contingent. That's what I would do to throw people trying to kill me off I would five them the impression of one thing then do the complete unexpected. I think they planned for people to see their search for getting kids into Mexico and planned for people to find out summer ordered Spanish software and also planned on their car being ditched by the border. They want people to think they are Mexico because they are somewhere far away from there. I do sense a sinister spirit in all this and don't think anybody will ever find out unless after they die or if the people involved in their murder come forward to try to get less jail time. So I think they either planned to disappear to get away from the drug trade or they were taken by cartel members and disposed of for a large drug deal that went bad.

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Friday, March 8, 2013 10:37:11 AM Thea

I love your new on line website.  Congratulations.  See you soon.

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Thursday, February 28, 2013 7:10:29 PM Susie

Thanks so much for making me feel at home in your shop. My best friends at home in Tennessee can be found at our local quilt shop Simply Southern Quilts. I miss them but you have made me feel so welcome it feels all most like home.